Download & Installation

The following informations are for administrators of bulletin boards and describe how to install the serverscript and how to set up the LiveBB client for the users of the bulletin board.

1. Serverscript installation:

  • Download serverscript for your bulletin board software* here and unzip archive.
  • Place the serverscript (livebb.php) in the root directory of your bulletin board.

2. Preparing the client:

  • Download client (bin) here and unzip archive.
  • Set up BaseConfig by editing "Config/BaseConfig.xml" file. See comments in file for further informations.
  • Customize Skin by exchanging "Images" files. Respect filenames, fileformats and imagesizes!

3. Redistribute the prepared client:

  • Create a zip archive with the prepared client files. Before that, delete your "Config/UserConfig.xml" file, if exists!
  • You can redistribute the prepared client now on your site/forum, so that the forum users can download the prepared client. Please refer to the "README.txt" in the archive!
  • Please, also put a link to the LiveBB project homepage on your download site.

* Currently Serverscripts are available for Woltlab BB 2, phpBB 2 and vBulletin 3. If your board software isn't supported yet, feel free to write your own serverscript and send it to me for publishing it here. You can use an existing serverscript as a template and to see how the serverscript is working.